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Lauren, or "LC" as her friends call her, was voted "Most Irresistible" by her senior class. This beautiful Laguna Beach local has grown up immersed in the wealth and privilege of "the bubble." Along with her best friend Lo, these OC girls spend their time shopping, sunning and searching for guys. With so much going for LC, including a mansion built by her architect father on a bluff overlooking the Pacific, it's going to be hard for her to leave all of it behind as she heads off to college to study fashion design. Luckily Stephen, her close friend since childhood, will be attending college in the same city.


A party girl, Kristin is a junior who rules the popular clique of her class and holds her own with the seniors. She's confident and sexy and always gets what she wants, especially when it comes to her turbulent relationship with Stephen. Having moved from Chicago to live with her dad in Laguna, Kristin is the newest addition to this power clique. Strong-willed and assertive, wherever Kristin goes, drama follows.

The daughter of a TV preacher, Christina must navigate the choppy party waters of her senior year in Laguna with her wild friends while keeping her morals in check. Luckily she has her best friend Morgan by her side to keep her in line. Already accepted to her college of choice, Christina must now deal with the dilemma of going to school or pursuing her dreams of singing and acting.

Best friends with Stephen since childhood, Trey is a senior and the thinking girl's hunk. He's passionate about politics and activism and has a sharp sense of style. When Trey's not organizing open mic nights to promote his non-profit organization, Active Young Americans, he's designing many of his own clothes, including a line of trendy trucker hats. With life decisions right around the corner, like will he get into his dream school, NYU, Trey must figure out if he'll focus on fashion or politics, and how to take the movement he started in Laguna to the next level.

Morgan, also a senior, is Christina's best friend and a bubbly extrovert who loves to hang with the 'in' crowd even though it's a constant effort not to let her friend's random hook-ups influence her decision to remain a virgin until marriage. Upbeat and hard working, Morgan is ready to get out of "the bubble" and has applied to only one college. If accepted, she's convinced it's there that she'll find new friends, and a boyfriend, who share her beliefs. The one dilemma: will she get in?

A blond-haired blue eyed mini fashionista, Lo is Laguna Beach's very own Paris Hilton. She's LC's best friend and always there for her. Smart and articulate, nothing slips by Lo's Chanel-sun-glassed line of vision without, as she feels, a well-deserved, scathing comment. Lo is used to calling the shots with her friends, but her parents are calling the shots at home and even though this is her senior year they still have a few months to decide when and where she parties.

Attractive and athletic, Talan's a junior, but has hooked up with most of the senior girls in school. A surf champ, star quarterback and volleyball pro, the Laguna girls have a hard time resisting his charm.

Stephen's a senior who lives the So-Cal dream: surf, sand, and plenty of girls. His good looks and charm make him the most sought after guy in Laguna Beach. Always the life of the party, Stephen has no fear...unless you count making a commitment. Born and raised in Laguna, Stephen takes full advantage of having the ocean as his backyard, from skim boarding before class to working at the local surf shop after school. Stephen's senior year should be a breeze, especially since he's already been accepted to his number one college choice for fall. The only real dilemma he has to deal with is juggling all the girls in his life. Two girls in this clique want to make him their own. Before the summer ends--who will he finally end up with?








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